Dr. Emilia Williams

Dr. Emilia Williams graduated from Boston University with a doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. She earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Miami, receiving a B.S in Chemistry.

She attended rotations at Boston Medical Center,  where she specialized in treating rare stomach illnesses and tending to low-income clients. She has accomplished important work with Worldwide Doctors United, an NGO that brings free stomach health care to under-served communities in Chile.

In addition to her astonishing medical knowledge, Dr. Williams is also quite gifted in handling the emotional aspects of healthcare. She has always prioritized listening to the story of each client that walks through her door and actively involves them in the health plan that is ultimately developed. She also takes great pride in educating her clients so they do not continue to make the mistakes of their past and can instead feel empowered to make better decisions as they continue their health journey.

Dr. Williams listens to her client’s story and actively involves them in their health plan. She enjoys educating her clients so that they feel empowered in making decisions in their health journey.

The newest physician at The Hygeia Clinic, she joins the team after years of running her own stomach health clinic in Boston. She is honored to be a part of the team and get to work.


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