Helen took a detailed medical history, going right back to when I was born, in order to piece together the reasons for my various symptoms. No other health professional had taken this approach but it made sense. From that she gave me guidance and advised special supplements. Since following that my health has improved and my intolerances have improved so there are no food groups I have to completely avoid. Now I can eat a more varied diet and feel better for it. I was at my wits’ end from not finding any answers or solutions to my health problems and was very glad to have Helens help.


From the moment I made contact with Helen I felt I was in safe hands. She took time to understand why I was seeking support from her and took me through a comprehensive process which resulted in a personalised nutritional plan. The recipes were absolutely delicious but ultimately it helped me feel I was being proactive by gaining control of my emotional and physical health.


After taking numerous paths to try and find out what was causing my health issues, one of my friends put me in touch with Helen. Helen was very thorough and produced a 6 week tailor-made programme for me, which saw my intestinal inflammation markers plummet from over 500 (intestinal inflammation) to just 15 (within the normal range). This was achieved in a matter of weeks. I would definitely recommend Helen.


Ever since I was a child I have struggled with my health issues, which had just been passed off as IBS. Unsatisfied with this answer, I sought advice from Helen. My in-depth consultation brought to my attention symptoms which I had no idea related to my gut health, and finally gave me the answer to my problems. Now, for the first time in ten years, I cannot remember the last time that I was ill. Helen has not only given me back my health, but my confidence and so much energy too.


Our surgery took the decision to collaborate with Helen as a number of our patients were struggling to lose weight. Our patients had accessed many services both through our own GP, other organisations, and other NHS options however, none of this was helping.

Helen completed a very comprehensive assessment for each patient and made the appropriate recommendations by producing a detailed, tailor-made, dietary and lifestyle protocol, which in turn resulted in significant positive health outcomes for each referral.

Helen addressed the patient’s weight loss in a unique manner, by focussing on the patient’s other health issues and addressing the root cause of their symptoms. These included: Gilbert Syndrome, female hormone imbalances, gout, and psoriasis. This approach helped to improve the overall health and wellbeing of our patients.

One patient was identified to have further health problems and through Helen’s recommendation this patient was referred for an endocrine consultation for assessment.

Helen is extremely supportive of her clients and has also delivered various educational sessions to our GP practice.


I have seen a number of specialists over the past 8 years, with no real progress or confidence with how I can help my condition. I was hoping that Helen could help reduce my potassium levels, increase my energy levels, and guide me towards a lifestyle that allowed me to carry on competing in triathlon events.

During my consultation with Helen I felt relaxed and there was no pressure like I had experienced in the past with other consultants. Helen genuinely took interest in my condition.

Following the detailed but relaxed consultation, I received a report from Helen, which guided me through my condition. Within 1 week my potassium levels had reduced to normal, achieving the objective of the consultation.

The guidance I received was invaluable, and Helen was always approachable.

I am progressing with confidence and my last kidney function test showed that significant improvement had been made and I am now looking forward to my next triathlon series.


Take The First Step On Your Journey To A Healthier You?

Maybe you have some questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision on becoming a client. Helen is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to see whether or not The Hygeia Clinic is right for you.